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Mindi Pekola, Anouk Studio
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Hi Ellie,

I'm Mindi Pekola, CEO and creative director of Anouk Studio. I would want to ask You if You would be willing to collaborate with Anouk Studio ( Anouk Studio is based in Finland.

Anouk Studio sells high quality contemporary art posters. It releases four collections a year. In one collection there are 5-10 artists worldwide and 1-5 artworks each. Our mission is to enable to everyone buy art. We also want to support artists and that's the reason why artists get 50% of the sales profit.

Now we are looking for artists for our SPRING 18 collection which will be launched first of April. We have already artists from Australia, Chile and US. We would be very honored to collaborate also with You.

Hope to hear from You soon.

Best Regards,
Mindi Pekola
Anouk Studio